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Full Name/Nombre Completo *
Full Name/Nombre Completo
An Example would be Graffiti Artists, they have their Legal Full Name, but sign their artwork and murals with their "Artist Tag". Photographers go by their "Business Name", something like "Perfect Vision Photography".
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Personal Phone/Numero Personal
The Art Group communicates about meeting times and dates, and gallery information through messenger. We chat all together in the same Facebook Group.
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Abstract Mindz meets every other Friday to go over events and upcoming opportunities. We need to know when you are available to meet.
What is most important to you as an artist? *
What is most important to you as an artist?
Gaining Exposure and being a well known Artist in the community?
Making as much money as possible through artwork sales?
Having a good time hanging out with creative people and creating artwork for fun?
When is your Birthday? *
When is your Birthday?