Eduardo Alejandro “IN$TINCT” Barrales 

Artwork that is “Universal, Vivid, and Bold



Representing Omaha, NE since April 2nd 2001, In$stinct the Cl0wN also known as Lalo Barrales, brings Art and Music to the Metro City with intense power. With his Mexico City roots this artist can create a new Universe within our own with crazy creativity.

How did you get into creating artwork?

“DAMN. Well I don’t know, I guess since the beginning of time-haha. Really since school, you know how adults always make you try things while your there.”

In$tinct says its in his families bloodline, seeing that his older brother and his dad as well are Artistic Creatives. Since his years at Kellom Elementary, art got him to think more about things in his life. He says he always wanted to stand out and that he would take any opportunity to do that, especially when he got to work on creative projects. “I would create things out of clay in class. I remember I tried to make a skull once. Compared to the other little kids who would create little squares or balls out of clay, I thought hard about my concept and worked to create something more challenging. It just never turned out how I would envision it- haha.”

He has always thought big when everyone else around him seemed to just focus on the small things.

“You always got to think outside the box, or you will stay on the same level.”

What is something crazy about the images you choose to create? “The images themselves. Period.” -In$tinct

His style has beautiful color combinations that make his artwork almost look muralistic. Its 2-dimensional artwork that has a kaleidoscope feel to it. In$tinct always puts his feelings within this work. He enjoys when people look at his art and it gets them to “think about shit” in their own minds. When he is creating something different its usually because he is within his emotions while working. The viewers see his style and try to relate to it in their own way. Sometimes the emotions people get from his pieces are incorrect, but he likes that about his art. All that matters to him, is that he can get his audience to think hard about his concepts.