The A.M.A.C

Abstract Mindz Artist Collaboration

“A place where every Visual Artist, NO MATTER their art style or artistic background, is guaranteed a wall space.”

What is the Art Group about?


Abstract Mindz Artist Collab was founded to give showcase to local hidden talent. It exists to give everyone a wall space without discrimination. No one is turned down. We do not look at artistic “level” of experience nor do we look at your schooling or resume. Art is free form and should NOT have boundaries or limitations. We accept all subject matters and mediums and of course ALL people.

How long has the A.M.A.C existed for?

Currently the group is on its 3rd year. If you count commencement in 2013-technically it has been around for 5 years.

How does Abstract Mindz work?


The collaboration works differently than classical art galleries that already exist in town. We do not ask for a % of sales right of the bat, nor does the group require you to submit an artist portfolio. We take you as you are. The whole purpose of Abstract Mindz is to give spotlight to those that deserve it, give opportunities to those who might not have had them before, to create a safe space where you can express yourself and get the support you need. All we ask, is that you fill out a form with your information so that we know who you are. You submit a few pictures of your artwork, and we let you know when our next meeting is so you can start!

Abstract Mindz allows each NEW artist a chance to try us out, and see if this style of art group is what you are looking for. We give a FREE TRIAL period where you keep your SALES 100%, that way we build TRUST with you, and you can see that we are not here to use or abuse of who you are.


The A.M.A.C was founded in 2013 by local artist Jose Antonio Barrales, along with a team of young community leaders which included Daniel Castillo, Elizabeth Vega, and Makayla Harrison. The first exhibit was simply called “Abstract Mindz” which was just a showcase of local young South Omaha Artists whose art styles ranged from Classical Drawing to Modern Graffiti. “ The reason behind the first showing in 2013 was to test out the waters and to see if a gallery of Modern Abstract art would attract a crowd here in Omaha. I have seen incredible work done by local naturally talented artists around town, but have yet to see this type of art style presented in local mainstream galleries downtown. We wanted to give these “New Age” artists a chance to show what they got!” -Jose A. Barrales

The first showing was in collaboration with The Bancroft Street Market during their “Art First Fridays”. The exhibit was up all weekend from Friday to Sunday and ended as a great starting point for success with over 30 pieces exhibited of 10 different Artists, 50 visitors present, and each artist selling at least one piece of artwork each. Artists Included: Xiochitl Diaz, Enrique “SWEAR” Najar, Michael “MERK” Grey, Oliva Rodriguez, Makayla Harrison, Tony Barrales , Dorian Andrade, Angel “CREAM” Gomez….

“It was that first event that proved to me as both an artist and leader, that anything really is possible if you put in the work to try something and not quit. I grew up hearing from teachers and art mentors that with the attitude I had the dreams in my thoughts would never become a reality. I was told by local Art Directors from specific organizations in Omaha that my art style was under-developed and that Visual arts should not “be my thing”. After that first show in 2013 my ambition grew deeper than the ocean, and I was set on proving those people wrong, and now I believe we are drowning those nay sayers in our success.” -J.A.B

Unfortunately after that first exhibit the group disbanded and took a break for 3 years. “I was going through life changes then, I started in 2013 being a 19 year old optimist, so I still had a lot to learn from life before continuing the Art Group.”-J.A.B.

Years passed by as the Artists grew with their surroundings and finally after a long break a new team of leaders stepped up to re-create the Art Group from scratch in 2016. Ariadne Marquez (Business Manager and Midland University Graduate) along with Yadira and Caylen Gerardo reached out to Jose Antonio Barrales about restarting the group and after many attempts finally pushed him to re-start the original group with a new team. “I was hesitant to start a new group of Visual Artists. Me and Ari have known each other for years and we always talked about running our own gallery someday in the future, but after years of not doing art I was afraid to start from zero. She went ahead and called up new artists, people I had never worked with, people and some friends I had met within those 3 years of break and she rounded them all up and ran our first official meeting.”-J.A.B.

The new Art Group was then titled “Abstract Mindz” after the first exhibit of 2013. The new collaboration of artists inluded: Sergio Gomez, Shantee Zamora, Annette Gutierrez, Lalo Barrales, Carlos Gonzales, Nicolas Hernandez, Mikey ( ), Allan Hernandez, Cristian Soria and Ricardo Trejo.

The new group was a mixture of high school kids and college aged adults, ages ranged from 16 to 24 and the group has continued to expand to different age groups. The A.M.A.C. now has an age range of 14 to 30. Age to Abstract Mindz is NOT important, and anyone can join in, all they need is the passion to create artwork, and the drive to follow their dreams. The group is now in charge of 30 local artists from all across the Omaha, Metro Area.